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Baby Boomer and Senior Support Services is for, about, and written by a Baby Boomer.  According to the last U.S. Census, there are 78 million of us born between 1946 and 1964. Our mission is to address and help meet the needs of this rapidly maturing population, by providing guidance and resources on lifestyle management.

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Darlene Jalowsky, author of Baby Boomer Lifestyle Management, is interviewed by Active Lifestyles Magazine. Click here to see the interview.  

A Must Have Book:

Baby Boomer Lifestyle Management


Baby Boomer Lifestyle Management draws from Darlene Jalowsky's wealth of knowledge and experience in Care Coordination and Marketing. Darlene has worked in senior care services for over 20 years. She knows the do's and don'ts in the area of senior care. This book offers practical advice to Baby Boomers on how to continue living a healthier, happier lifestyle even when moonlighting as a caregiver for loved ones.  Baby Boomers will quickly feel more at ease and better prepared for this stage of life.


Why a Book for Baby Boomers?


Because the Baby Boomers are often lifes' most neglected and least understood decade.


This book is an easy read and a must have for those who want logical, safe, swift, and helpful guidance and advice on Baby Boomer and Eldercare issues. For just $13.99 you will receive this very practical book filled with useful information and valuable resources. Enjoy!


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